A smile is the shortest distance between
two people.

Childhood has been identified as a critical period in one’s dental life. Neglect of your child’s first set of teeth could lead to pain and suffering (abscesses are a common problem) as well as orthodontic complications in the future.

Our practice is fully equipped to deal with children of all ages. Our aim is to encourage a positive attitude toward dental surgery, which your child will carry into adulthood. Our caring oral hygienists will also help you and your children to develop good habits that prevent cavities and form the basis of a lifetime of good dental health.

Many parents wait for a traumatic event before bringing their child to the dentist, which could result in fear and trepidation on subsequent visits. Instead, we advise you to book an appointment around your child’s second birthday, which will be a pleasant visit that simply allows us to identify any problem areas. When your child’s permanent molars erupt (usually between the ages of 6 and 12 years) we offer fissure sealants to protect them from decay. We use advanced DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection and ozone during the procedure.

Wherever possible we use pain-free treatments such as ozone and we will take the time to deal with all your child’s anxieties and concerns. We don’t force children to do anything, but they are usually happy to give their consent once their treatment has been fully explained.